#modellyf: Meet Victoria’s Secret Model Victoria Lee

victoria lee

Victoria Lee has done a lot of cavorting in her underwear lately.

“Oh yeah,” she says. “I just walk around in my underwear, getting comfortable. I
actually went to my agency and just walked around like that, just to get used to doing it
with an audience.”

Sitting in a cafe at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, surrounded by shapely
Chinese ceramics, Lee is considerably more covered up today, wearing (deep breath) a
wide-striped brushed-knit Equipment mock neck sweater, Theory pants and Saint
Laurent boots. Her museum visitor sticker is stuck on her grey Isabel Marant jacket.

“My personal style is nothing too crazy. I don’t follow trends. Usually I leave more
to the imagination.”

Lee is 26, five feet ten (her other dimensions are available to peruse online), with
dark blonde hair, green eyes and a lower lip poised between a pucker and a pout. This
year, she’s the face (and body) of Seafolly, Australia’s biggest swimwear brand. In
August, it was announced that Lee would walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in
Shanghai in November.

Personality-wise, Lee is emblematic of the modern face of Victoria’s Secret, its
projection of icy hauteur since thawed away in favour of women who look like they’re
enjoying the world’s most glamorous slumber party. Lee laughs for a long time when
asked, à la Zoolander, if she believes there’s more to life than being really, really, really,
ridiculously good looking.

“Yes. Affirmative. I do.”

Read the full story at The Monthly.

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