Melissa McCarthy: “You Corner Me, I Will F–king Chew Through You”

melissa mccarthy

Melissa McCarthy has a tendency to go way, way too far. Like the comedic equivalent of biblical tales of xenoglossy, McCarthy can flick a switch and unload a torrent of abuse, profanity and general weirdness with terrifying conviction.

In an extended improvisation that plays over the credits of Judd Apatow’s This is 40, an unsmiling McCarthy threatens to maim and murder her co-stars Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann, who struggle to keep straight faces.

“I would like to rear up and jackknife my legs and kick you both in the f—ing jaw with my foot bone,” McCarthy found herself saying in the scene. “I wish my f—ing foot would go right through your skull. This is what happens when you corner a rat. I will f—ing kill you. You corner me, I will f—ing chew through you. I’ll chew through you.”

McCarthy hardly recognises herself when she watches these kinds of scenes back. In fact, she’s probably more shocked than anyone by her behaviour.

“Apparently they’re pretty big reserves of rage I’ve got,” she says at the memory of her This is 40 tirade. “At some point my children will see that. What will I say to them?”

To read the rest of the story please visit the Sydney Morning Herald.

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