The Real-Life Love Story Behind Charlie Brown’s Little Red-Haired Girl

little red haired girl

Donna Johnson Wold’s hair, which was once, in her own words, “violently red,” has long since faded to the white you’d expect of an 86-year-old grandmother.

Having lived her whole life in Minneapolis, Wold now resides in a nursing home, where she has recently been undergoing physical therapy. Every day, her husband, Al, drives five miles to visit her so the two of them can sit in the sunshine together and reminisce.

One of Mrs. Wold’s fondest memories happens to be of a relationship she had with another man more than half a century ago. She still has a few reminders of him and that time: a scrawled-upon 1950 desk diary, a music box, and a large collection of decades’ worth ofPeanuts comic strips, cut out from the pages of The Minneapolis Star Tribune, many of which revolve around a pretty redhead.

To read the full story please visit Vanity Fair.

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