Giles Martin on His Father and Remixing The Beatles


Even before the legendary Beatles producer Sir George Martin died in March, his son Giles found himself the recipient of a staggering family inheritance. For years, the 46-year-old, a producer in his own right, has acted as a custodian of the music of the Beatles.

In recent months, he has been in charge of several major Beatles-related assignments: new high-definition mixes for the DVD compilation Beatles 1+; restoration of audio from early Beatles concerts for an upcoming Ron Howard documentary about the band’s touring years; and preparing the Beatles’ catalogue for streaming beginning last Christmas.

Martin is well aware that Beatles devotees the world over are placing his efforts under an extraordinary amount of scrutiny. “I do a mix, or change something, and I’m analyzed and criticized by everyone,” he says, speaking from northern Spain where, he says only half-jokingly, he is “escaping the Beatlemaniacs”.

To read the full story, please visit The Guardian.

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