The Many Layers of Caitlin Stasey

caitlin stasey

Earlier this year, a photo shoot for Fairfax Media’s Good Weekend magazine was cancelled because its intended subject, the actor and activist Caitlin Stasey, declined to be photographed in lingerie. Stasey felt the concept was inappropriately leery for a story about the empowerment of women.

The interview – commissioned in January when Stasey was making headlines around the world with the launch of her new website, – was postponed indefinitely. Stasey concluded the magazine had lost interest because she had refused to pose semi-nude.

Her vengeance was swift. She took to Twitter, calling out the magazine and slamming its editor, Ben Naparstek. She published some of her correspondence with Good Weekend, pointing to inconsistencies in Naparstek’s recollection of events, and wrote an essay recounting the events for Jezebel. The piece was illustrated with a topless picture Stasey had supplied herself – a Polaroid captioned with a message to Naparstek in her own handwriting: “FUCK YOU”.

To read the rest of the story please visit The Guardian.

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